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Excuses, Maths Coursework and Musicals

So it has been quite a long time since I last posted anything on here, sorry about that. I promise I will try and update more but I feel that I have quite a few good reasons for this lack of posts.

  1. I had my exams since my last post and that took up a lot of my time
  2. We started talking about our extended essays and so I have had to do some work on that
  3. We have been given three pieces of coursework to do: Maths, Philosophy and English and so that is also taking up a lot of my time
  4. My computer broke and is not working at all
  5. My final reason, the best reason as well, is the fact that five weeks ago I broke my ankle

I’m sure you are all dying to know how I managed to do that and it is quite a story so I will tell you. As previously mentioned I have to do a piece of maths coursework, since I am a Maths Studies student the coursework is very flexible in its topic choices, I chose quite an odd topic I have to admit. My topic is to do with the colour distribution of Wine Gums and Fruit Pastilles and which is fairer in the distribution. I know, it sounds crazy and stupid and I have to agree with you on that.

So anyway, I was doing my maths coursework and I was counting up the numbers of different colours of Wine Gums and Fruit Pastilles with my friend Joe because we had been let out of the lesson by our teacher. I realised that I would probably have to eventually create a bar chart or some such on the computer to display my data so instead I decided to make a bar chart out of the sweets themselves.

I found it so odd that each colour was a multiple of three

This was the picture that I took just before I broke my ankle

However to get these shots I had to stand on a chair because they were on a table and the angle was all wrong if I tried to get one from where I was. So I stood on a chair and took the photos, however somewhere between getting off the chair and being on the floor I managed to lose my balance and fall onto the floor and break my ankle. As you can imagine Joe was quite worried and so ran to get a teacher, who then said that she didn’t think it was broken because I didn’t look like I was in enough pain.

My mum then came to pick me up from school and take me to the hospital where they decided that it was broken and I needed to be referred to an Orthopedic person. There was a tense few days when we had to wait and see if I needed surgery (luckily I didn’t) and I went to go get my cast put on. My mum took this opportunity to take a picture of my lovely bruising on my leg.

Those lines on my ankle are really weird aren’t they


My awesome purple cast before the signing

Obviously I chose purple for the colour of my cast and so now I am in a wheelchair and using crutches occasionally for small distances. I can’t even sleep in my own room as it is up on the top floor and so I now sleep in the spare room which is on the middle floor and so is slightly more accessible for me.

I’ll admit that I am quite fed up with it all at the moment, my computer broke, I can’t move around and I just want to be able to get up and walk. But these things happen and hopefully it will only be a week until my cast is off and I can start physiotherapy and be able to walk again. There is a chance that in a week when they take the cast off it will not have healed enough, or not healed at all, and they will have to put another cast on and I will be in cast for a few more weeks. I am hoping that my bone will have healed properly and I will be able to get on and walk again.

But that is enough about my ankle as I am sure that you are all bored reading about that and so I will change and talk about some fun things that have happened since my last post, namely going to see Spamalot and Phantom Of The Opera. Those of you who know me well, or have read my previous posts, will know that I love musical theatre and for christmas last year my parents gave me tickets to see Spamalot with them and Phantom Of The Opera with a person of my choice.

Yeah, this show was awesome!

Spamalot was the first of the two shows that I went to go see and it was great. I had not seen it before or heard the music from it so I wasn’t sure what to expect but it truly was a great show. The music was really catchy and was stuck in my head for days, the set looked brilliant and the cast were fantastic. I knew from what my parents had told me that it was a comedy so I was expecting some comedy but I was surprised at how often I laughed. This song was the song that had my mum and dad in tears of laughter, especially my dad:

Spamalot was great and I am really glad that I got to go to it and that my parents thought to buy the tickets as I would probably not have asked for them. It was fun to go see it with my parents as well as they do not often come to watch musicals with me as they do not particularly like musicals, especially my dad (my mum likes Cats but that is pretty much it). One thing that really stuck in my head however is a remark that my dad made after the play, he said “I knew it was a musical but I wasn’t expecting that much singing.” That had me and my mum laughing for ages.

However as wonderful as Spamalot was the main event for me was obviously going to see Phantom as it is my all-time favourite musical despite the fact that up until that point I had never actually seen a stage production of it. As I said I had to take someone with me and so I decided to take my friend Harry as she is going to University next year and so I will not have the chance to take her a different time, I did promise Joe that I will take him next time as he wanted to go with me.

There was a bit of an issue with us going to see Phantom as I broke my ankle the week before I was meant to go and see it, my seats were in the ‘gods’ and so I could not get up there to go and watch it. However my genius mum rang up the hippodrome and organised us getting a seat with a wheelchair spot next to it a few weeks later so that I could still go see it. Luckily for us the seats were £10 cheaper each and the seats were much better than the ones I originally had, as my mum said “Almost worth breaking your ankle for.”

Ah, Phantom is just the best thing ever

The show itself was fantastic, the set was completely epic as there was this one part of the set that was semi-circular and filled up the back of the stage, there was an open walkway at the top. There was one scene where Christine and The Phantom were walking along it and I was wondering where they were going to go as it was a sheer drop down, however when the Phantom opened a door that opened to the outside of the set some steps started to come out from the side of it and created a staircase going right the way to the bottom of the stage and back onto the floor, it was amazing.

The actors were great however me, Harry and Joe (who also managed to get tickets) agreed that the person who played Raoul was not as strong as the other singers and so his voice was often lost when there were ensemble numbers and a few people were singing at once. However despite this and the fact that the masquerade scene was not as epically awesome as we expected the show was still probably the best musical I have been to and remains my favourite show.

All in all despite the breaking ankle and loads of work that we have to do at the moment, the past month or two have gone quite well. I hope that you have all had a great time since I last posted and I hope that you are all well.

Until next time


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Back To Work

So I haven’t talked about work for quite a while now so there is quite a bit of stuff to catch up on. Luckily I have also forgotten most of the things that I didn’t get round to talking about, so I guess you’ll just get the stuff that sticks in my mind.

I think I’ll start off with a story that involves quite a bit of drama, before it was all sorted out at least. So I think that I mentioned the fact that in English we were doing a comparative essay of Madame Bovary and A Doll’s House as well as doing one on Chekhov’s short stories. Well it turns out that actually we aren’t and we’ve been doing the wrong thing for at least a month, more likely two.

Luckily for us we had still read the right books and so we didn’t have to really quickly read two new books, what we were doing that was wrong is the fact that we are not actually doing a comparative essay. We are actually doing a single essay based on either Madame Bovary, Doll’s House or Chekhov, we are not comparing them at all. While that sucks because we have spent lots of lessons doing comparison work at least it will be easier in the long run, things could have gone a lot worse.

On another subject, we had a really funny lesson in Geography a few weeks ago, it was all about soil. No, not dirt or mud, soil, if you call soil any of those other names then it hurts its feelings, obviously.

Don’t worry I haven’t gone mad or at least I haven’t gone any more crazy, that was just part of the lesson that we had. What made it funny was not only the fact that we had to try to not hurt the soils feelings by calling it anything else but also a video we watched that was quite entertaining.

You can watch this video below, but what we found funny was the way that he was stroking the soil, that and the ‘dramatic turn’ part way through the video.

But that’s enough about soil, another quick note that I want to make here is the fun that we have in maths. I’m in maths studies and like all IB maths students, we have to use the TI-84, a graphical display calculator. These calculators make everything a lot simpler to do and it amazes my teacher who me and Joe often have to teach how to do certain things. We are however still trying to get them to play Pokemon Blue, they can do it but it seems to be quite difficult and take some work to do.

I think that has pretty much caught up on the work related topics that are actually of any interest to anyone. My exams are the first week back after the easter break and so I’ll try to post sometime after that to let you know how they all go.

Have a great Easter holiday and enjoy yourself



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Sleepovers and me being sociable

So I haven’t posted in a while so I’m going to try to make up for that now. Now if you cast your mind back a few weeks you will remember that it was half-term which is where I think I’m going to start off, after all talk about work gets rather tedious and it’s much more fun to talk about days out and friends.

On the Monday of half-term my Philosophy group had to go in to work for a couple of hours but after that I went to my friend Joe’s house for a sleepover. Before we went to his house we went and bought a lot (and I mean a lot) of snacks and food to eat. If you don’t believe me then just take a look at this picture of all the food that we bought.

Yeah, we ate all of it as well 😀

Also, since me and Joe are philosophy geeks, we decided to take a picture imitating the famous painting of Aristotle and Plato.

Me and Joe trying to copy, while doing our philosophy poses 😛

Don't they both look so scholarly.

Either way we had loads of fun and when we went back to Joe’s we decided to be even more awesome and make a philosophy card game (I know, we are just so cool.) I also brought over my favourite DVD after I found out, to my horror, that Joe had never seen ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’. Now those of you who know the film will know that the scene where the overture comes in with the raising of the chandelier is quite a shock if you are now warned about the music coming in. I happened to forget to warn Joe and so when the scene came on, and the sound was up loud, he practically had a heart attack (which was hilariously funny). If you do not know the scene then you can watch it here below, try not to jump too much.

Now anyone reading this that actually knows me will know that I do not go out very often. So let me surprise you by saying that as well as going over to Joe’s I also had another sleepover from the Wednesday to Thursday. Yes, I was being sociable this half-term! I was over at my friend Harry’s house, (Harry is short for Harriet) and it was so much fun.

We went to go see ‘The Woman In Black’, now I do not mind gory films but the second there is a film that makes you jump I am terrible. It was defiantly a mistake to go see that film as it is all about making you jump, in the end I watched about half and spent the other half hidden by Harry as she told me when to look. Although occasionally it was more a case of, “Okay you can look now, WAIT DO NOT LOOK!” which was pretty entertaining. However the sound department of the film should be very proud as it was very good, which I noticed because for a lot of the film all I was doing was hearing it.

We also ended up watching a load of DVD’s that we bought in town, including Forrest Gump which I had never seen before, which shocked Harry no end. Overall it was a really great day and I had loads of fun hanging out with Harry and her sister for the day.

We also went to visit my brother on the Saturday because it was his birthday on the Monday,  the 20th. We went out shopping for most of the day (yawn!) but at least Tom seemed to enjoy it which is what really counted since it was for his birthday.

I was going to talk about school and work now but I think that would just make this post, which so far has been very positive, end on a rather depressing note so I think that I’ll save talk of work for another post. Hope you are all well and are enjoying whatever you may be doing at the moment.

Until next time




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Geocaching Bonanza!

Well, I haven’t really got much to say about school at the moment as it all seems to just be work, work and more work. Last week was quite hectic as I had four essays due in and so I was working a lot on those but apart from that school has just been school.

However a few weeks ago me, my mum and my dad decided to go and do some geocaching and we decided to go and do the ones at Tyntesfield which is a big national trust house by where I live. There were six caches in the grounds in places where you didn’t have to pay to go into and so we thought that it would make a good trip out.

My friend Ed who I mentioned before, who always challenges me at SSX, came with us as we have got him addicted to it ever since we told him what it was. It was heaps of fun going out for about five hours (including lunch at Tyntesfield’s cafe) and just walking around and hunting in the forests for the caches.

The first cache of the day. Ed is proudly displaying the protective cover 🙂

The second, Ed was signing the log book when Mum decided to take this picture.

This one was not an official Tyntesfield cache and it involved my Dad getting rather muddy 😛

Just moments before this was taken we had all ducked behind the wall we were stood by to avoid being seen by some people driving past in a car. Crazy 😛

Ed had to jump over a wall to get this one as we had walked down the wrong path 😛

We had such a hard time getting to this one, it involved climbing through barbed wire. I think we didn't go the suggested route 😛

So yeah, we had fun and ended up climbing over falling down walls, climbing through barbed wire and walking through numerous forests. It was certainly an experience and we had a great time as well.

Hope you had a good few weeks and I will hopefully have more to say next time.




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Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

Well I hope you all had a great christmas and got everything that you wanted! I can’t believe it’s already 2012 and I’m back at school already, it seems to have gone way too fast. Oh well, I guess time does fly when you are having fun.

So over the holidays I had loads of homework to do, most of it just general boring stuff, however in English we got set our next two pieces of literature to study. We got given the play ‘A Doll’s House’ by Henrik Ibsen and ‘Madame Bovary’ by Gustave Flaubert. I have finished reading Doll’s House as it was quite easy to read, Madame Bovary however is very hard to read as every time I pick it up, I want to put it down a few pages later.

Look at it, her face shows the boredom that I feel when I read this book.

However that is beside the point as this post is called christmas, that is what I should be focusing on. We stayed at home, christmas day was just me, my mum, my dad and my brother. It was very nice and we did our usual tradition of having a buffet and the christmas dinner on christmas eve. It was a great day and we all had loads of fun and got heaps of presents.

I think that it is kind of sad that my brothers main present was a textbook, but it was really expensive and he used the money he got from other people to buy himself a kindle. My mum also got a kindle from my dad which she loves. My dad’s main present was a sat nav so he can have one when mum has the other. It also will be helpful when he goes on his walks with his friends from football which they do every so often as they are trying to walk the south-west coast path.

I got lots of presents from my mum and dad (and santa) including 5 DVD’s which were:

  1. Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone (I broke our old one from watching it too many times
  2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Same reason as the last one)
  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (There seems to be a trend forming here)
  4. Glee live
  5. X-Men First Class

I didn’t realise that I had asked for so many DVD’s until I got them and realised that the majority of what was on my list were DVD’s. I also got tickets to go see The Phantom Of The Opera at Bristol Hippodrome and also to see Spamalot at the same place. I love musicals and The Phantom Of The Opera is my favourite (possibly tied with Cats which I have seen twice).

This was so great to watch live, I first saw the film at my Nan's house and I've loved it ever since.

I can't wait to get to see this, I adore this musical!

From my Nan, Aunt and Uncle I got Just Dance 3 and season 3 of Merlin which I absolutely adore. Just Dance 3 is so much fun and it has some great songs on, especially ‘This Is Halloween’ from The Nightmare Before Christmas which is another film that I love.

This is the best song! I like being the vampire, we played this with all 4 players, it was madness!

From the rest of my family I got a lot of money and also some perfume which was very nice. I plan to use the money to order some Starkid stuff as that is what I asked for money to buy.

On New Year’s Eve we had a party at our house which we have every year. It was loads of fun especially since I had invited two of my friends, one of whom I had not seen in a while due to the fact that she goes to a different college. I was worried for a while that they would not get along very well, especially since one of them had mentioned a dislike for the other before. However to my surprise it went very well and they got along and had a great time.

We spent a lot of time playing Just Dance 3 and SSX On Tour which is the gamecube version of the game but in my opinion the Wii version is not very good but the gamecube one is brilliant. It is a tradition to play SSX on New Year’s Eve as me and a friend of mine called Ed always play each other. Every year he challenges me and I always win but it is good fun all the same, he is improving each year just not enough 😛

Yeah, this is so me. Just look at my skill 😛

At midnight we all ran across the field by my house to go watch the fireworks which were brilliant, however the wind was blowing towards us and so we were coughing a lot from the smoke. An ember almost hit one of my friends which gave her quite a scare.

Overall the holiday has been great and it is defiantly a shock to go back to school. I am however getting back into the swing of it and so I hope next week will not be so tiring.



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Another Term Finished

Well, I managed to survive another term of school. As promised I have some of my results, I do not have my English result as we are getting that after Christmas but I do have to others. In the Geography test we got given I got a level 6 (out of 7) which I was very pleased with. In the Physics test I got 75% which is a lot higher than I was expecting after looking at the marks scheme, luckily I managed to pick up marks on questions that I got wrong, through method marks. I did a Core Philosophy essay about the mind-body problem and managed to get a level 7 which I could not believe when I saw it.

On the last day of school most of the IB students went home at lunch as we had finished but a few of us that take school buses or got convinced to stay by others spent our time well. Joe, also known as The Duchess, wrote a new version of  ‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas’ and the six of us that stayed behind sang and recorded it. As the recording was on my phone I then made a lyrics video and emailed it to Joe who then posted it on Facebook, YouTube and made a Facebook page for our band ‘The Sexy Six’. The video I made is underneath, be warned it is not exactly appropriate, watch at your own risk 😛

On a different note a few of us from our IB course went out on Tuesday and we went bowling. It was loads of fun even if only 6 of us actually turned up. It was so much fun and it was great to see everyone outside of school. We all had nicknames instead of our actual names, I was Inferno.

(from left to right) Soy, The Baroness, The Duchess, Ali Baba, Inferno and The Orange Devil 😀

The Baroness and Inferno (me) went over to Ali Baba’s house afterwards and we stayed up until four in the morning watching movies. Between that night and the next morning we watched five movies. They were Transformers, Source Code, The Smurfs, Hangover 2 and Super 8.  It was so much fun and we really enjoyed making fun of some of the movies and it was entertaining to watch The Baroness being creeped out by Source Code.

I will hopefully post after Christmas but until then, have a merry christmas and enjoy yourself 😀



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Another Few Weeks At School

So, since I last posted school has become rather stressful. Next Monday we have our English IOP’s (Individual Oral Presentation) and I hate talking in front of people so I’ve been freaking out for the past week or two.

My presentation is all about sex and love in 1984 and We, I know I don’t like the books but they fitted the question I wanted to do better that Androids unfortunately. We had a practice yesterday and it went really well so I am hoping that my actual one will go the same way. The actual presentation will be much more nerve-wrecking though because it involves a camera which always makes me much more scared.

In Geography we had a test on everything we’ve done so far which is the topic called ‘Populations In Transition’. I haven’t got the result yet but I’m hoping I did okay and at least passed, not sure I did though. The same can be said of my Physics test which was on ‘Thermal Properties’, I know I didn’t do well but I’m hoping I managed to salvage a few points here and there.

On different note, there has been many battles in our sixth form the past week or two. One battle is between all the sixth formers and the cleaners who always complain about the state of our common room (which I’m never in so I am not to blame). Our head of sixth form came and shouted at us for about ten minutes about it the other day, which was fun. The common room is in a better state at the moment so I’m hoping that, that particular war is going to ease off a bit.

The other war is much more entertaining and is between all the sixth formers. This war is basically my fault as I bought me and my friend Adam a Nerf gun each as part of our physics homework. We took them into school and they have stayed there because everyone is always firing at each other and turning our common room into a war zone. My friend Ali has an awesome video which I hope to post up in the future, but the wars that are happening are epic. So far there have been no casualties but I’m sure that is going to change if this carries on.

These are the guns we have, there are only two but they create a war 😀

Busy working with my Mum this weekend selling jewellery and going out for a meal with my Dad’s basketball team, who I do the score book for. It’s going to be fun as the basketball guys are awesome and will get lots of money for helping my Mum this weekend. Things are looking up.

Will hopefully update soon with more on the English, Physics and Geography results as well as the video of the Nerf war. Have a good time.

Until next time



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The Weekend and My Birthday!

So as promised I am updating to spill all about my fabulous weekend. On Saturday we went up to Southampton to visit my brother, Tom who is going to Uni there (Biomedical sciences). It was lots of fun since I miss him, not that I tell him that 🙂

For my birthday he got me the X-Men Trilogy which was awesome because I wanted them, I have recently become obsessed with X-Men. We went out to eat at the Pitcher & Piano by the water, which was lovely and my Mum got a picture of me and Tom there.

He's doing Movember and hates this picture but I like it 😀

After eating we went out to walk around and do some Geocaching which we managed to do as we successfully found both of the Geocaches we attempted which was a very exciting moment, even if both of them were found by my eagle-eyed Mum 😛

Me and my Dad happy with our find of the day.


The smallest Geocache ever! So hard to find as well 😀

So Saturday was pretty good but Sunday, well it was the best day of my life. I love John Barrowman, he is a great singer, actor, dancer and is funny as well so when my Mum got me two tickets to his concert in Cardiff I may have tackled her. I went with my friend Ismey and my parents drove us and had a meal with us. The meal was nothing special but the concert on the other hand.

I’ve been to a concert of his before and it was spectacular but this concert was something special, it’s where he lives and so he was ‘coming home’ which made the atmosphere really good, the fact that his partner was in the audience just made it a bit more special for him (and us). Now his partner Scott doesn’t really like to put himself in the spotlight with John but still obliges occasionally. I knew this before so imagine my surprise when John dragged Scott out on stage…

Oh yes, that's Scott on the left and John with his back to the camera on the right 😀

The surprise only grew as John announced to our surprise, and Scott’s, that they were going to sing a song together. The song they sang was Rhinestone Cowboy and there is a bit of a story behind it but I won’t bore you with it, if you want to know Google probably has the answers. It was defiantly something special and Ismey may have slightly fallen in love with Scott, who cares that he’s gay, he can sing and is good-looking.

So overall the weekend was excellent and one I hope to never forget because it was one of the best presents I’ve ever had and will probably remain that way. Anyway moving on to Wednesday the 16th, my birthday. It was a pretty ordinary day at school but it was especially fun as I’d brought in sweets and my friend Joe baked me cakes, we were all on a bit of a sugar high. I got presents from my friends and family and went out to eat at Bella Italia and see ‘In Time’ with my parents. It was a good film and a nice meal so overall a very good week.

Hope your week was good as well. Until next time



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So I’ve been doing the IB for one whole term now. It is a lot of work, there is no use in denying it. The workload may be soul-destroying but the main thing that keeps us all doing it is the company we have. All of the people doing the IB with me are totally awesome and so make up for the work (sort of).

Over the half-term I finished the last of the three books set for this section in English. It was ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?’ and it was a much better book than the other two which were very boring. Androids was easy to read and has some good material for us to use in our oral presentations that we are having soon, a very scary thought.

Maths is still lots of work and I am probably going to switch from standard maths to maths studies, not because I can’t do the standard maths, more to do with the fact that maths is what all of my time is spent on. So I’ve decided to give it another week but I am most likely going to switch.

So I think that is enough of school work. Moving on to the half-term, which was much more interesting (thank God!) On the Friday before half-term I skipped school and was instead on a plane to Faro airport in Portugal to spend five days with our friends (Joss and Marina) who live in Huelva (we drove over the border in a hire car). It was loads of fun, I got to practice some Spanish with our friends two kids (David and Mini Marina). They are so cute and they swap between English and Spanish all the time, which confused my Mum who doesn’t speak any Spanish, but was great practice for me and my Dad, who hasn’t spoken Spanish in a few years.

This is Mini Marina and David. They are so cute 🙂

My Dad, Joss and Mini Marina being silly 😛

While we were there we attempted another Geocache, it was fun but we did not find it. That was our fourth attempt at Geocaching and so far we have found one that we visited twice to try and find. In the end my Mum found it and so made our first successful Geocache which made us very happy as we were starting to wonder if we would ever find one!

Look at me, not finding the Geocache on the train behind me. What a failure!

Hey look, I found one. I must be a Hufflepuff 😀

The best story from my half-term takes place at the end of our holiday as we got to Faro airport to fly home. A lot of the surrounding bits of the airport were being worked on and held up by scaffolding, which they were not when we arrived five days earlier. Still, they probably just started some remodelling, right?

No, when we got to the edge of the airport at the arrivals area it was all cordoned off. When I looked up I saw that the roof was practically split in two and so asked my parents what they thought had happened. All I got in return were blank stares as they had not managed to notice that the roof was bent in half (Unobservant parents…) When we got inside the airport was in chaos as no one could go in the departures area until their flight had been called and so everyone was waiting in the check-in area, which was already half the size as half of it had been damaged when the roof fell and it rained on the check-in desks. We eventually found out (through my mum’s iPhone) that a storm had gone through ten hours before and torn the roof off and injured some people. All in all, the trip to the airport was quite eventful, especially since just as we were leaving a flight that was meant to have left six hours before got called to go through security. Yeah, the storm shut the flights down for quite a while it seems.

Yeah, I can totally see how my parents can miss that...

But still, I’m back to school and back to work. Still it’s my birthday next week so that should be fun and am going to see John Barrowman on Sunday. Will post pics and stuff some time next week hopefully.

Until then,

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Basic IB Stuff

So for those unsure about what the IB is, it is an equivalent qualification to A levels. You take six subjects including; english, maths, a foreign language, a science, a humanities and an art (or another from one of the other pools). As well as this you have to do Theory of Knowledge (how do we know what we know?), CAS (50 hours of Creative, Action and service, this is part of my creative) and extended essay on a topic of our choosing relating to a subject you are taking. If you fail TOK, CAS or extended essay then you fail the entire course no matter what grades you get in your other subjects (it’s a bit harsh isn’t it…) The entire course is marked out of 45 and each subject is marked out of 7 with 3 points for the ‘core’ subjects (TOK, CAS and extended essay).

So there is a bit of background as to what I am doing and why exactly I am writing this blog, luckily creative includes writing which happens to be a passion of mine and why I decided to do this, it was suggested by my lovely Mother :).

I take this course at St. Bede’s Catholic College in Bristol, England. I went to St. Bedes for secondary school as well and it is a brilliant school, even if we do complain (honestly who doesn’t complain about their school?) The teachers are great even if they are new to this, our sixth form only opened last year.

So that is some information out of the way so I guess it’s time to catch up on the interesting things that I have been up to. In English as I mentioned last time we have been reading 1984 and We. I said I’d reserve my opinion on We until a later date, that opinion is that it is a very boring book even if it is relevant to our subject. However I found a very interesting fact in relation to these two books the other day that everyone in my class was quite impressed by so I want to share it, both Zamyatin(We) and Orwell (1984) use the word we 207 times in their books. This while probably completely coincidental is an entertaining fact, to me at least. Still the next book is ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?’ and that I have been told I will enjoy and so I am looking forward to making a start on it.

Maths is proving very hard as is Spanish as I haven’t done it for a year, however I am sure that I will catch up and it will get better eventually. In Geography we are working on ‘Populations In Transition’ and have just started looking at migration which I am hoping will be quite interesting, looking at why people move and why they move to where they do.

In Physics we once again did a very interesting practical, this time about circular motion. Our teacher decided that the best way to teach us was using equipment at the playground up the road from our school. Needless to say we had lots of fun, even if I did end up with bruises from spectacularly falling over after falling off the turntable. My friend Adam managed to fall off and mark a perfect tangent to the circle at the same time, he says it was intentional, unfortunately we did not get a picture of said tangent, however we did get some other good pictures of our experiment.

If only we knew what he would ask us to do...

Yeah... Doesn't look safe does it, didn't feel it either 🙂

Told you it wasn't safe, this is after most of us fell off 🙂

So yeah pretty eventful so far, fun and hard work as well of course. Luckily all the people doing the IB with me in my year and the year above are awesome and so make it all easier.

On a final note I will just say that the wait for the next episode of Glee is killing me, I need my weekly dose of Darren Criss and I do not do so well if I am deprived. Also I am so annoyed with the Starkid S.P.A.C.E tour video when they said they were coming to London I almost died and then it wasn’t here 😦 Oh well, until next time then.


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